Saturday, December 31, 2016

Nude Trail Maintenance

Friday 12/30/16 I took the opportunity on this warmish day to maintain the trail on our land in Dewey, AZ (naked of course).  The feel of sun on my bare skin was wonderful!  I took the opportunity to mediate at several stations along the trail.  I love naturism on our land.  And I love that I can freely share this with Amy.
Naked for All
By Kensunwalker

Clothing is for everyone.  It doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like, what you believe, or what you do, clothes are accepted.  Oh, you may have to wear a particular uniform or dress a certain way.  Your business may demand a certain style.  Your religion may require that you to conform to that community’s dress code.  The clothes that are appropriate for shopping in the city will be different in the country, and very different at the beach.  But other proclivities don’t seem to matter – nun, priest, doctor, teacher, contractor, sales rep, telephone operator, customer service person, fast food worker, clerk, straight, gay, video pornographer, swinger, nudist, as long as you’re clothed, you are accepted; clothes make the “accepted” man or woman.


“When nudity is the norm, it's easy to follow suit (or suitless, I suppose) . . .” – Anna Pulley,

What can be done to make “nudity” universally accepted?

Naked must become just as acceptable as clothed.  It can’t matter whether the person is conservative or liberal, man or woman, religious or not, focused on sex or less sexually oriented, gay or straight, a nacation only nudist, a 24/7 nudist or an occasional nude, the focus must be on making naked as accepted as being clothed, however and wherever it occurs.

Some textiles and naturists may disagree with a particular type/motivation of nudity.  If so, they needn’t be involved.  Everybody has their own bucket of acceptable and unacceptable behaviors that no one has the right to take that bucket away.  Each person’s approach is personal – it’s theirs!  Naked people must “never” denigrate those who enjoy nudity of “any” type.

Any approach that inspires nakedness must be encouraged!  Roni Fine says this well:

“I think we need to accept that with any large group of people there will be different preferences and we should be more lenient towards one another, respect one another’s choices and accept, though we all do things slightly differently, we all embrace the one thing that unites us: Nudity!” – Roni Fine,

No Fear

To be accepted, naked people must not cower in fear; rather, they must act with strength.  They must be proud of their nakedness.  Here are a few ways this pride can be demonstrated so acceptance results:

Home naturism can surely be accepted.  It makes zero sense to wear clothes at home if you’re a naked person – so don’t do it.  Establish a naked household and let everyone know that they may see a naked person when they visit.  (A sign is an easy way to accomplish this.)  Raise your children naked.  Tell your family.  Visit your neighbors and let them know you are a naked person.  It might be okay to have a bathrobe for yourself near the front door, but it’s even better to have a robe for a visiting guest so they may undress, yet still feel comfortable.  Watch TV nude.  Hold naked social parties with friends.  Do all of your housework nude.  Window coverings are used to avoid being seen, but shut out natural light, so it’s better to leave them open (except maybe at night, but if nakedness was accepted even this concern would disappear).  Put naturist magazines on side-tables, and be sure to include an album with photos of you and your family participating in naked activities.  Decorate your home with nude-photos, artwork, and statues.  Be a proud home naturist!

Swimming naked can be easily accepted.  This will only occur if water people get nude!  Going to the beach?  Be polite – “ask” if those nearby would be offended.  Then with acceptance, get naked to sunbathe and swim!  So what if no one else participates.  At a pool?  Be polite – “ask” if others would be offended.  And with acceptance, swim nude!  Again, so what if no one else participates.  Going to a hot spring?  Be the first to establish a naked setting!  Go Skinny-dipping more often – it feels fabulous and is already accepted by most people.  And “never” wear clothing in your own spa or pool, even when textiles visit.  Be a naked example.  Water and nudity simply go together, and with familiarity comes acceptance.

Gardening and yard maintenance should be accepted.  You must take a stand for your rights and get nude. Your property is yours - your place, your rules!  No one has a natural right to object to you being naked on your own property, especially if it happens in your “back” yard.  Those who are offended can simply look away.  Nakedness need not be about exhibitionism or become a mental health concern.  Local laws may not agree; if so, those laws are wrong, so it is unlikely you will be prosecuted for nakedness on property you own, especially if you have previously announced that you are a naked person.  Few activities are as enjoyable and healthy as puttering in the garden or cutting the lawn nude.  Even taking out the garbage becomes pleasant when nakedness is accepted.

Outdoor camping/hiking naked will be accepted.  This will only occur if people get outdoors and camp or hike nude!  While it’s probably a good idea for naked people to camp and hike in more isolated areas to avoid criticism, few people get outdoors now anyway, and most who do are not concerned about nudity, especially if it is done by a group.  Still, if freecampers/freehikers are seen by a textile critic, they should never hide or seem embarrassed; rather, simply say “Hi”, wish the person a “Great Day”, and perhaps stop to talk.  This is the only way those who also enjoy being outdoors (and mostly don’t care about natural nudity) will learn to be accepting.

Participate in naked sports and other healthy activities so they are accepted.  Everything is better if done nude, and everything includes sports.  Why not bike, or run, or bowl, or play tennis or horseshoes without clothes?  Why not fish or hunt nude?  How about nude exercising or weight lifting or yoga?  Some places have naked soccer or rugby teams.  And card/board games are natural nude activities.  So are nude drum circles, nude karaoke, and naked parties.  Join a team or group that participates in nude sports/activities, and tell/invite others so naked becomes acceptable.

Carnuding will even be accepted!  Driving or riding naked in a car is perhaps the most controversial of all the activities that have been presented so far, because some people see this as too exhibitionistic.  Yet it is certainly consistent with being accepted as a naked person.  Clothes can be very restricting and uncomfortable, especially when traveling longer distances.  You drive more carefully when clothes-free because you want to avoid flashing others, so it can be safer.  Besides, few if anyone on the road will notice anyway.  And a Skinny Road Trip makes for an awesome naturist event - traveling nude with others to see the sights.  Some police may not agree, but Carnuding and Skinny Road Trips can certainly contribute to normalizing nakedness in everyday life.

Home Sweet ‘Naked’ Home

We must “live” naked to make it as acceptable as clothed.  It’s not where we live, but how we live – naked.  You can increase naked acceptance “anywhere” by simply living a naked life, and letting others know.

Maybe you live in an apartment.  You can easily post a sign by your front door indicating yours is a naked place.  You can be friendly with neighbors and answer any questions.  You can do housework naked.  You can decorate your place in a naturist fashion.  You can plant a small garden and enjoy sitting on your patio naked.  You can invite naked friends over for socializing (and invite neighbors).  You can sleep with your spouse naked.  And you can still enjoy the outdoors naked while camping and hiking.  Just let everyone know about your lifestyle, so nakedness becomes accepted.  You can live naked anywhere; it’s simply your choice!

Get innovative if you live a naked life in the city.  The city has many advantages - shopping, restaurants, entertainment, and particularly diversity.  You may never even get to know your neighbors, so in large cities naturism is often more easily accepted; join or create a naked community.  You might be able to create a roof-top oasis, with a hot tub, gardens, BBQ, etc.  Try to acquire two multi-story houses, fence in the front and back area between, and create a nude paradise; then use one house for your home and the other for naked-accepting renters, or even open a small spa.  Again, just let everyone know about your lifestyle, so nakedness becomes accepted.  You can live naked anywhere; it’s simply your choice!

You might live in a “typical” neighborhood/home – Of course, all the activities apartment dwellers do are available to you, with a little more freedom because you own the property.  Still, it’s important to place a sign near your front door (to not offend “unsuspecting” visitors).  And you’ll want to inform the neighbors so they know what you are about, become accustomed to your lifestyle, and accept nakedness.  Fences and tall vegetation will also increase privacy and acceptance.  Just let everyone know about your lifestyle, so nakedness becomes accepted.  You can live naked anywhere; it’s simply your choice!

Maybe you’re lucky enough to live in a house distant from others.  This usually means away from the city.  Naked outdoor life becomes easier.  Distance means you can be naked with nearly total acceptance.  Yard work, gardening, sunning, enjoying a sunset – everything naked can be accepted.  You might even have room to build a naked meditation trail.  Still, post a naked sign and tell your closest neighbors.  Just let everyone know about your lifestyle, so nakedness becomes accepted.  You can live naked anywhere; it’s simply your choice!

And until nakedness is fully accepted, you might choose to live at a clothing optional resort.  Your naked lifestyle will be completely accepted.  And as an added benefit, this is normally less expensive than living in the textile world.  Just let everyone know about your lifestyle, so nakedness becomes accepted.  You can live naked anywhere; it’s simply your choice!

Money, Money, Money

But what about the money needed for the naturist approaches above.  Money seems to always be a limiting factor.  Here are three approaches for earning the money needed to live as a naturist:

You can simply do what you do now to earn a living.  You may not be able to work nude; your business probably has some dress code.  However, you may be able to wear a naturist t-shirt at work.  And required dress at work doesn’t stop you from stripping down after work – carnuding, and at home.  Driving home naked will increase your nude time.  Don’t think of nudity as weird (even if others over-react.)  Sharing in this way can make nudity more acceptable for those who know, so tell them.

Look for a job that can be done at home.  Working from home is becoming more and more common.  Do it nude!  Working clothes-free can add motivation to a job, so you can be a better employee.  In many situations, the “computer” makes naked work possible.  But, don’t hide your reason for working from home; when possible, tell your boss and other workers that you choose to work from home so you can be comfortably “naked”, more motivated, and hence, a better employee.  That’s really the only way to make working naked at home as acceptable as working in clothes.  Hiding your nakedness doesn’t achieve acceptance.

Some naked people may want to make most of their income through a naturist-related business.  This is especially important for naked retired folk who need a little extra income.  If this is your desire, you will definitely need to first “come out of the closet”; everyone must know you are a nudist.  Otherwise, how can you market your business?  Here are a few naturist money making ideas: Conduct nude boating/river-running events (the nude cruise industry is booming), conduct nude tours/photo events/freehikes, open your home as a nude B&B, conduct nude workshops, have facilities for naked weddings and work closely with wedding planners, create marketing approaches for resorts and other naturist-related businesses, start your own naked 5k or similar event, create and sell naturist-related clothing, open a naked statue (or other things) store.  And remember, the more nakedness is accepted, the more customers you will have, and the more money you can make.

Is money needed anyway?  Maybe, being satisfied with the naked times you have during or after work is enough for you.  You needn’t travel to distant places or fancy resorts if you really enjoy being a home naturist - cleaning and fixing your house naked, puttering in your garden naked, soaking naked in your hot tub, freehiking in the near-by forest, and socializing with your naked friends.  You might even start a local non-landed naturist club.  Be sure to let others know about your naked approach to a satisfying life, so it is accepted.


“Polls show 25% of U.S. [citizens] are nude at home or skinny-dip at home, a beach or nudist park.  They just never tell anyone.  You aren't alone!” -

According to statistics, one in four of your neighbors already secretly enjoys naked living.  You can be the catalyst needed to open these folk up, and can even make naked living acceptable for others.

So how can you help naked become just as acceptable as being clothed?  Just get naked!  And let others know.  You needn’t do everything listed above, but definitely do something to make nudity as acceptable as being clothed.  Your example will surely contribute to the naked movement; even if only to your friends and family, even if only to yourself.

And don’t be concerned if another naked person is religious, or gay, or famous, or social, or a swinger.  Realize that clothed people are diverse in those ways as well.  Recognize that nothing matters, as long as they love nudity.  You may not associate with a particular approach or belief, but you “must” be supportive and get naked yourself in order to make nakedness as acceptable as being clothed.

“Go bare when you can.” - Kensunwalker

Happy Nude Year

“Make a resolution that in 2017 you will find the courage to try social nudism.  Your world will not end, but open up!” -

Friday, December 30, 2016


“Accept that your naked body will be seen sometimes, and that’s a good thing.” – Kensunwalker

QUOTES 12/30/2016

“The major problem isn’t that the media shows us a few scantily clad white girls and says ‘these are the ideal.’  The problem is that we are collectively so ignorant of what human bodies actually look like that we have no well-established basis for comparison.  The power of these images lies not in some magical forces wielded by the advertising industry, but in the fact that they are exploiting a massive gap in our knowledge. . . Most of us don’t really know what human beings actually look like.  Out of the many thousands (or millions?) of times we see a human being, we see them naked only in a tiny fraction of cases.  Then, when we look at ourselves or our lovers, we lack an accurate standard by which to judge the aesthetics of what we’re seeing.  The suffering this seems to cause is incalculable.” -

“I always live nude when we visit our cottage at Voss in Norway.  In warm summer days I walk in the mountains naked.  This lifestyle is fantastic, feel free and feel the sun and wind on the whole body.” - ariks_e,

“What item of clothing is more useless than a swimsuit?  What purpose does it really serve?  It doesn’t keep us dry.  It doesn’t add anything.  Do people really expect a small piece of fabric to really preserve their modesty?  The truly modest are those who don’t care about if they are wearing a swim suit or not.  They care about having fun and being themselves.  Embrace life.” -

“To me naturism is about a life where I am nature, trying to live in accordance with that fact.  Nudity brings me closer to that ideal.  But being a naturist, also means being an environmentalist.  I have to protect the environment to protect the nature of which I am part.  To protect the nature is therefore also self-protection. . . Nudity is not a goal in itself, but a means to experience being interconnected and whole.  I then gladly sacrifice nudity if that conflicts with the environment, and enjoy nudity when it is in harmony with the environment.” -

Thursday, December 29, 2016


“Except for perhaps truckers, nobody looks when you carnude.” – Kensunwalker

QUOTES 12/29/2016

“Since its early days, naturism has been portraying the nude human body in photography.  In fact, it was nudist magazines that set the legal precedent for nude images to be published.  Up until 1958, it was illegal for nudist magazines to be mailed by the U.S. Postal Service.  In SUNSHINE BOOM COMPANY v. SUMMERFIELD, The U.S. District Court of Columbia ruled that nudist magazines could be mailed.  This decision also created the precedent for Playboy and other magazines to be published.  The nude human body is the core of our lifestyle, it’s what defines our philosophy and our outlook.  And when discussing our way of living, how can we describe it?  Sure I can drone on forever about nude recreation in words and sentences.  However, nothing describes who we are or what we believe than a picture. . . Naturist photos act like ambassadors to non-naturists, demonstrating what nude recreation is like.  Seeing nude photos helps eliminate equating nudity only with sexual activity. . . Nude photos also fosters body acceptance. . . I know that our lifestyle attracts the wrong people. . . Our photos can be exploited by some really sick and warped minds. . .  Another sad fact is that the term ‘naturism’ has been hijacked by the porn industry.  But this isn’t the fault of naturism or nude recreation. . . I’m not going to stop being a naturist because of a few losers.  Nude photos are a part of naturism. . . Nude photos serve only as an example of what naturist activities are.  There is nothing shameful about the naked human body.  The only shameful’ part of nudity is those who exploit it for the wrong reasons.” – Asian American Naturist,

“The fact is that nudity is not illegal in many places in the US.  For example, on any National Forrest or BLM lands, there are no laws against nudity.  There is no Federal law against being naked.  Those laws come from States, Counties and Cities that pass their own ‘morality’ laws, most of which ban nudity in public places.  So far, Americans still have the right to be naked on private property as long as it can't be seen by the public, or from a public place, or by anyone who could be offended.  The funny thing is, the vast majority of everyday Americans are not offended by nudity.  The USA is the biggest producer and consumer of pornography on the planet, after all.  Seeing people naked is not a problem for most people, only a vocal and powerful few who claim to be acting in defense of ‘morality’ and ‘the children’ when they scream about someone being seen naked.” – Evernude,

“Mine [parents] eventually gave in and told me it’s perfectly ok and let me be nude around the house anytime.  Nowadays I’m almost always nude in the house no matter if parents or anybody else is home or not, even when friends are over.” -

“Particularly inspiring is the occasional sighting of a woman who has survived a mastectomy, but walks confidently amidst the naturists at the pool with one natural breast.  Like everything is normal and natural – which, in fact, it is.” -

“It’s time to bite the bullet and try nudity, because if you don’t, you’ll never know what it’s like.  Perhaps it’s not your thing to wander about the house nude all day long.  if this sounds like you, I recommend beginning by just reading a book nude for 20 minutes, or cooking dinner.  You may feel uncomfortable at first (or you may love it!), either way step outside your comfort zone and challenge yourself to bare your body to the world.” – Juilet Allen,

Wednesday, December 28, 2016


“Naturism means experiencing true freedom.” - Kensunwalker

QUOTES 12/28/2016

“The first time I went nude was at my uncle and aunt's farm age 15, they had a pond on the hill that overlooked the state road, well out of view aside from 1-2 homes even they couldn't see anything without binoculars.  What a great feeling when I got into the pond naked, then got out to lay on the dock to let the sun dry my skin.  Many years later I went to Full Tan Sun the memories came back to the first time being nude... it was GREAT, now at 42 I want to be nude any and all the time, my wife isn't as free as I but one day maybe she will be.

“As I watched an image-obsessed society care more about the sales at Barneys than the homeless people they ignore as they parade by, I began to wonder what the world would feel like naked, without the empowering or disempowering effect of clothing.  What if all we had was our natural state to express who we are?  Could we overcome our self-consciousness and become fully confident in our own skin?  How would we assimilate or dissimilate?  Could being naked in the world transcend sexual connotations and why is nudity so taboo that it is against the law?” – Erica Simone,

“One has to ask oneself, ‘Do I want to keep a secret, or do I want to be a free range naturist, or even ambassador?’  Another decision, ‘Will I hide my free activities, OR accept that my naked body will be seen sometimes, my nude body is a good thing and most people are okay with that.’” - Jbeegoode,

“We’ve been naturists for many years and we began practicing clothed yoga several years ago. . . We found that the freedom that naked yoga offered was a complement to our naturist lifestyle. . . Naked yoga and naturism are activities that we each enjoy.  Sharing those activities with one another has helped us to connect more fully.  They have deepened our relationship and given us the comfort of knowing we can truly be ourselves with one another. . . As we drive home from naked yoga, we always ask one and other how our practice was.  Sharing our feelings about what we reveled in or struggled with helps us to better understand how we are feeling at that moment and how we can support one another.” - Mike & Tracy,

“Our ‘imperfections’ add character [and] make us who we are, they make us unique and beautiful.  . . . You should not be ashamed of nudity; you should revel in the beauty of what your creator has made, just as you marvel at the beauty of the world we live in from the mountains to the ocean!” –Ann Sanchez,

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


“Nudity is powerful.” - Kensunwalker

QUOTES 12/27/2016

“If you are a good person, nudists will recognize that quickly and you'll likely have more nudist friends than you ever had clothed because nudists are much less judgmental.” –

“So, sophisticated means you have to spend a lot of money on clothes? . . . I see nothing sophisticated about it.  I see arrogance and pompous attitudes with the types of clothes we wear, and we use them to separate ourselves into classes, but I don't see this as good.  I prefer to judge someone on their personality than the money they spent on clothes . . .” - Guy Purcella,

“. . . most fears are indeed in our mind; we just have to be willing to confront them . . . I think that's sad, and is one reason we have such a hard time gaining the understanding of society, and our legal rights to have places to go nude besides our house or resorts . . . Until we realize that coming out is usually not nearly as traumatic as we think it will be, our whole dream of being accepted by the public may never happen.  Those of us who dream of gaining rights to exercise our lifestyle choice in portions of parks, our front yard, etc., may never see that happen if more of us don’t stand up for our beliefs and come out to everyone.” – Guy Purcella,

“So there we were, the two of us, naked and alone on my sofa. . . But there was no flirting.  He was the perfect gentleman, and I behaved myself, while we sipped wine and talked about his great passion: naturism/nudism. . . And the evening unfolded like it would have had we been fully clothed: two friends chatting.  Such is the way of nudism.” – Jillian Page,

“I have been to a decidedly nude wedding reception for a neat couple from our resort who decided to marry in a civil ceremony.  Our group of regulars surprised them with the full blown reception at our pavilion, all of us in the buff, as were the bride and groom in short order.  I guess there were about 100 friends there.” – Gator1,

Monday, December 26, 2016


“Nude driving feels wonderful, both physically and mentally.” - Kensunwalker

QUOTES 12/26/2016

“The trip [from Tucson to California] was of course done nude. . . I took a sample of passing and passed vehicles, to see if anyone ever looked over to see the nude couple cruising next to them. . . Nobody looked . . . all the way out there and back.  I noticed that each time that I passed, or was passed, that I didn’t really turn my head until the instant that they were parallel with us and then soon ahead of us.  We could only be noticed with fast glances at best…except the truckers.  We were in a very low Honda Civic and couldn’t see into most of the other vehicles.  There were just heads, people watching their driving, spaced out on the scenery, or asleep.  It was too easy. . . We carnuded all the way home.” – Jbee,

“It wasn’t until after I visited a nudist/clothing optional beach and business that I really understood what it truly meant to be free.  Being able to not be ogled or awkwardly gawked at while having conversations with others.  It was a very freeing experience.  Even though I am overweight and have my age showing, I still felt comfortable.”-

“. . . a car pulled in down the beach from us and a young family got out . . . close enough that they would be able to tell that we were nude.  It was two young kids around 5 or 6 and their parents.  My sister and I started complaining about how we were going to have to put on our suits, and how disappointed we were about our new neighbors ruining our little corner of paradise.  But Mom told us to not worry about it.  She said for us to just enjoy our day like they couldn’t see us, and see what happens.  Maybe we could get away with it.  ‘You never know till you try’ Mom told us.  So after the young family settled in, my sister and I grabbed our inner tube and returned to our fun in the surf.  But it wasn’t long before the other family’s puppy decided to come over for a visit! . . . Mom told us to act normal and don’t try to cover up – ‘don’t be shy girls, it’s going to be ok’. . . Mom got up from her lounge chair and walked over to the water’s edge with us.  All of us were completely nude, but standing confident and not trying to cover up at all.  The young Mom was very nice and polite.  I told her she had a cute puppy, and the kids acted like they didn’t even notice we were nude. The young mother told my Mom that she didn’t think nudity was allowed at the park.  ‘It’s not’, Mom replied.  ‘But I don’t think the rangers mind if no one complains about it.’. . . Our Mom said that ever since we were little she just lets us skinny dip to avoid the rash and burning.  The young Mom chatted for a little bit about how nasty all the sea weed was, then said her goodbyes and walked her kids back to their car.  And it wasn’t long before I looked over to them and the kids were playing in the surf butt naked!  So evidently the couple was cool with our little nudist camp site! -

“After getting undressed do something you normally would.  It’s amazing how fast nudity becomes normal when you’re watching TV, surfing the web, or doing whatever.” -

“I hike in muggy warm Central Florida, exclusively in the warmer months, so there is practically no one on the trails, and anyone I do meet can understand the practicality of hiking nude.  The few I have met have been neutral or amused.” – Camping Bare

Sunday, December 25, 2016


“Thank God for a glorious day naked outdoors.” - Kensunwalker

QUOTES 12/25/2016

“I enjoy being naked in the comfort of my own home, probably more than the average person.  The only time I'm not naked in my apartment is when I have company over, or when I'm frying food in the kitchen—it took an oil burn on my chest the size of a third nipple to learn this lesson.” – Alison Stevenson,

“Some organizations like to ease first-time nudists into the unfamiliar world of genital exposure by arranging what’s known as a ‘clothes-optional’ gathering.  That means attendees are welcome to keep their clothes on—even if it’s just a long T-shirt—until they’re comfortable enough to leave them behind.  ‘Clothes-free,’ however, means that you need to shed your fabrics without reservations.” – Jake Rossen,

“We have visited Ile du Levant at least a half-dozen times . . . our lodging of choice is Heliotel near the plaza at the top of the hill.  It takes at least a couple visits to the Golden Island to figure out . . . it is mostly a tranquil little island virtually unnoticed by the rest of the world.  Perfunctory rules tell you where you can and cannot be naked, but nobody seems to pay them much mind – in either direction.  Naked and clothed people just going about their business in anticipation of another stunning sunset on the Cote d’Azur.” -

“. . . the biggest motivation for women to become nudists is...other women.” – Nudony,

“I like to use nudity in my fighting to change the way women view themselves and their bodies.  Nudity to me is powerful.  ‘In your face’. . . Humans – and women – who are proud of their own body and are not ashamed of any part of themselves have always been empowering to me.  I find these women strong and beautiful . . . where there is this special strength shining out from their eyes. . . To me – being a woman – female nudity is empowering. . . LET’S support each other as women!  Let’s stop fighting each other!  Let’s encourage each other and show the world how proud we are of . . . our beautiful body.” - Naja Narayana,

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas

“Andy Twyman - A Naked Noël (Christmas Single)” (Video) –

“Clothes are unnecessary distractions.” - Kensunwalker

Friday, December 23, 2016

Naturists do it so many fun things in the nude.” - Kensunwalker

Thursday, December 22, 2016


“Naturists are all equal.  They don’t pay attention to the social status.” - Kensunwalker

QUOTES 12/22/2016

“At the beginning of American nudism, it was a direct import from Germany.  So it was very health oriented — they would take over a gym and they would do calisthenics and swim in the nude.  As it spread after World War II, when American nudism really took off, it was really just about hanging out and relaxing with your friends.  A lot of nudists will say that they’re just more relaxed when they’re naked.  It’s relieves stress. . . So it became less about a health movement and more about socializing and relaxing. . . That’s really how it was until now, there is sort of a new movement of young nudists who aren’t doing that but the classic American, nudists resort nudists are very much into hanging out by the pool and getting their tan.” – Mark Haskell-Smith,

“Everyone accepts each other as they are.  It doesn't matter if you have a surgical scar, had a mastectomy, have large breasts or small breasts, wide hips and a flat belly, or a little belly and narrow hips.  No one expects you to have a perfect body.  From the moment you remove your clothes, you will feel safe and comfortable, and free…free from your restrictive ‘second skin,’ free to truly relax, and free to just be you.  Why not indulge yourself in a luxury only nature can provide?” -

“The western world has become obsessed with clothes and scared to death of naked bodies in public.  Show some naked boobs in the wrong place and you will go to jail.  We are so disconnected from our naked bodies that we think it is unnatural being naked.  We have been taught that nakedness is something to be scared off, something wrong, something to hide.  Truth is: We are all born naked.  Not with some fancy clothes. . . Why can we be arrested for being naked, when as human beings, we are born naked?” – Adina Rivers,

“It’s too hot to wear clothes today – make public nudity legal.” -

“Today was a beautiful spring day, the sky was sunny and blue.  It warmed up to 80 degrees and it was perfect tanning weather.  All my friends stayed the night last night as well as my sister’s best friend.  So we had house full of nude girls running around all weekend.” -

Wednesday, December 21, 2016


“Don't leave Planet Earth without at least trying naturism.” - Kensunwalker

QUOTES 12/21/2016

“Warning!  Working out naked is addictive.  Up to a point that when you start, it’s difficult and frustrating to come back to exercise clothed.  However, when you start, you just find it’s common sense not to wear any clothing.” -

“A few weeks ago, I found an email in my inbox with the subject line: ‘THE NAKED COMEDY SHOW RETURNS.’ . . . I bought my ticket on the spot. . . When I arrived to the theater, I had to stand outside for a bit and give myself a final pep talk.  I couldn't quite figure out why this was so hard for me.  I kept telling myself this would be a group of accepting people—it had to be—and yet, even though I knew I was to be in a room full of other naked people, I couldn't imagine not being personally judged for my nakedness.  I finally just sucked it up and powered through.  Once inside, I was taken back by the sea of naked men and women. . . There were at least 70 people present, and they stood around talking with one another real casually. . . once I pulled off my dress, there I was—naked.  It took a few minutes to adjust, but I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable I felt being naked . . . The show finally started, and ran for about an hour and a half. . . Some performers were trying comedy for the first time. Others were more seasoned. . . As awful as some of the performances were, I wasn't really there to see comedy.  I was there for the nudist experience, and am genuinely happy to have done it. . . I took to public nudity a lot better than I thought possible.  In fact, it felt pretty great.” – Alison Stevenson,

“Travelling Light trailer” (Video) -

“Perhaps, with more bike days, body painting, and accepted events where nudity is accepted or encouraged, we may take a turn in North America regarding body acceptance instead of body shame.” – Alf,;topicseen

“One of the best things we, as nudists, can do is to be more open to others about the fact we are nudists.  Too many of us keep our nudist way of living a secret like we are doing something wrong.  The gays have become more public, the transgendered have become more public, and we should become more public.” – George Winlock,

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


“Naturism just might raise to the level of an ‘obligation’” - Kensunwalker

QUOTES 12/20/2016

“Working nude is very enjoyable. . . things become more focused and I feel a greater sense of accomplishment.  It feels like I’m doing what I do best and loving every minute of it.” –

“It was a beautiful day for the naked hike.  There were 16 naked guys on this hike and we were lead into a newer area which provided a very different landscape.  It was named the ‘Garden of Eden’.  It had high rock cliffs on each side which provided shade that allowed more green vegetation where we hiked.  On our return we hiked up two side canyons, one had an awesome dry water fall which provided a great photo opportunity. The other provided a narrow passage that opened into a small valley that we hiked up until it forked into two directions.  We had plenty of time along the way to stop and visit with each other and shared some of our naked adventures.” – Free2Crow, Personal email

“Anything you can do with clothes on you can do naked.  Be naked!” -

“Last year I was hiking nude just off the Old Mine road in NJ.  I decided to try a different trail along the Delaware river.  About two miles in I ran into a clothed couple coming towards me.  I just smiled and said hi as they approached me.  They both had smiles on their faces.  The guy said ‘now that looks like fun’, and laughed.  I have been hiking nude in that area for a few years now, and that was the first time I ever had an encounter like that.  Most people don't even care if you are nude.” – Jabberman,

“Heading to Tortolita [AZ] for the evening to meet my next door neighbors for a hike.  They wanted to see the petroglyphs and hadn't been able to find them.  They said that our nude hiking would be no problem.  She had spent a couple of days with us nude at a party in Safford and he was okay with it, she said.  Our trek was two-hours march to the ancient remnant.  DF dropped top, then me pants on the way.  I had had much sun the previous two days and my skin needed a rest.  I kept a shirt on.  When we arrived at the ancient carvings, DF and I stripped completely to enjoy the surfaces of the rock formations and have a nice lunch.  We went back another way. . . a nine-mile hike, through the rough terrain. . . The feel of that warm sun on my bod is so wonderful.  Having on pants for the ascent, I was amazed at the difference of flex and movement, when I took them off.  I hadn't been hiking in pants in years, but the difference was apparent in moments.  The breeze was a big plus in the warm afternoon's excursion and our clothed friends were hit by the heat obviously in comparison.  Clothes are obsessive.  He told me on the way back down, that he had had trouble at the health club where he works out.  Some guy had complained about him being nude, sitting on a towel in the sauna and gone to management.  The next week there was a sign requiring ‘appropriate clothing.’  He said that nude was appropriate.  ‘People were weird.’  So, we continued on into the topic of nudity, with the girls lagging behind on the trail.  I suspect that changes are coming with those two.  They have been living nude about the house, she said.” – Jbeegoode,

Monday, December 19, 2016


“What more can I say than ‘I love nude karaoke!’” - Kenfreehiker

QUOTES 12/19/2016

“I felt thwarted by a particular obstacle . . . and could see that I couldn't go any further . . . She described positioning her naked body in the scene as an act of defiance ‘to being stopped’.  Being a women, she said there were often expectations including self-regulation and a wariness to enter certain spaces because of a feeling of vulnerability.  ‘So taking off my clothes was like a way of compensating for that, and an act of defiance in occupying these spaces . . .” – Catherine Shields,

“If walking in the woods I come upon a blackbird or a coyote, my attitude is reverent wonder at their life and presence, not an attempt to gauge just how ‘attractive’ they might be versus their peers.  My ideal is we see fellow people like that - delighted at their life force and personality, and adding in the details as an after-thought; perhaps our fancy tickled by certain physical traits, but not to the point of losing their personhood.” – Ethan Willard,

“Many naturists feel a significant urge to be naked whenever practical.  It’s almost as though being naked is an emotional ‘need’ that they have. . . There are often many other ways to satisfy each need.  But in each case, nakedness can be a key factor in the need satisfaction . . . If you happen to find a way that being naked satisfies any of these needs (in a socially responsible way), then the nakedness in effect becomes a need that you have.  It’s analogous, for example, if you’re a good musician who can satisfy some of your important needs by performing in front of an audience.  In that case, musical performance becomes a real need for you.  It may be necessary to make a little or a lot of effort to find opportunities to perform.  But you will do it because you need to. . . Naturists would be well-advised to understand the reasons to consider nakedness a genuine type of need, because they will be better able to explain to others exactly and convincingly why they are naturists.” -

“There are people who masquerade as naturists in order to attempt to attach some legitimacy to their sordid activities, but naturists abhor such things.  We believe that naturism is a lifestyle that is worthy of respect.  Anything which is inappropriate in any ordinary public setting, except for nudity, is also inappropriate in a naturist setting.  Our morals are no different from the rest of society.” – Bill Bowser,

“Nudism is beautiful and convenient.” -

Sunday, December 18, 2016


Freehiking feels amazing and helps physiologically, spiritually, and morally.” - Kensunwalker

QUOTES 12/18/2016

“As I take my place on the starting block, a hush sweeps around the spectators at the side of the swimming pool.  A race is about to begin.  The Union Jack is emblazoned on my swimming cap and to my left – poised and at the ready – are two lithe and toned Germans.  I am competing for Great Britain at an international swimming competition and . . . I am completely and utterly stark naked.  And about to take part in the world’s largest nude swimming gala in front of hundreds of total strangers. . . The global swimming championships were first launched in 1971.  National teams from eight countries have come to take part: Great Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Holland, Belgium, and Switzerland.” – Jessica H.

"I’m a very comfortable naked person.  Not in front of other people, but at home and in front of my husband, I feel good not wearing clothes." - Christina Hendricks, Actress

"Society has really stigmatized nudity even in locker rooms.  Sad.  Really sad that people are so ashamed to be nude even in front of people of the same sex.  That mentality, to me, is what is shameful." - Steve-O

“. . . most of us can easily visualize the length of a football field as a measurement of 100 yards, it turns out that it’s really quite difficult to discern whether someone is naked or not from the distance of 100 paces.  In fact, in many cases, depending on the color, cut, or size of the swimwear, it can be difficult to tell if a person is naked at 50 paces, or even 25 paces if that person is fond of flesh-tone bathers. . . Really?  At the distance of 200 paces, can you even discern who is naked, let alone, the corresponding genders or body proportions?  The more resourceful voyeurs may arrive with binoculars and telephoto lenses, but really, is it worth all that? . . . So much work for so little reward” -

“So after years of reading about it, we finally made it to Maui and paid our first visit to Little Beach (also known as Secret Beach), a glorious little spot that is clothing optional in the best sense of the word.  There were about as many clothed people as nude, (all co-existing without a care) and a male to female ration of maybe 70/30, but it never really felt unbalanced. . . making our way across the blazing hot sand of Big Beach, which involved about a five-minute walk to the other end of the beach, where we had to scramble up a few rocks (two minutes) then make our way down the easy path (another two minutes) to Little Beach. . . Little Beach has the reputation of one of the most beautiful on Maui.  We would concur on the basis of what we saw. . . if you have the chance, get thee to Maui and find your way through the pricey resorts to this little slice of heaven where wet nylon is optional, and the sun and the sea are intoxicating.  And . . . Little Beach is a State Park, and thus, no alcohol is allowed.” -