Sunday, October 22, 2017

Naturist View


“Heaven is relaxing nude having a good conversation on a warm summer day.” – Kensunwalker
QUOTES 10/22/2017

“I think being accepting of your body is the most liberating thing ever.” - Marjon Carlos, Vogue Senior Fashion Writer,

“SOMOS PIEL” (Video) -

“I foresee the realistic and practical feasibility of a CLOTHING OPTIONAL world rather than an entirely NUDE world.  Rank, occupation, and status according to each vocation and field must always be at least UNIFORMLY prominent and visible in order to keep the wheels of progress turning in our society . . . Therefore - it would be much better if all of us were given the legal liberty and given the permitted OPTION . . . of being nude in public only when we are at LEISURE, and not at work at our occupations.  In other words - Go to work at all of our jobs fully clothed and tend to the organization, PUBLIC SERVICE, and progress of our society.  When we are off from our jobs and from labor - then we could go nude during our time of leisure and recreation - take walks nude, go shopping nude, go to the movies nude, dine nude in restaurants and clubs, etc.  This is the way I would see it.” - Marc Umile,

“Around this time every year, I begin to imagine what a year-round community space might look like that espouses and celebrates the ideals of naturism (respect for self, others and nature), especially in an urban environment that’s accessible to a large population.  In addition, I consider the financial viability of such a space and whether or not a business model could be created that’s sustainable, scalable and replicable. . . done right, [it] can yield amazing results.” - Joshua Williams,

“Every woman should pose nude at least once.  It gives you perspective.” - Singer/songwriter Judy Collins,

“I was in the audience for the Australian Art Quartet's Butt-naked Salon concert at Sydney's Yellow House.  As the show began, the quartet came in and sat down. Nearby, multidisciplinary artist Clementine Robertson was lying motionless on a dais with vials of beetroot juice dripping all over her.  Then, in the silence, Batt-Rawden entered wearing a fluffy bathrobe, à la Muhammad Ali.  With him came Archibald Prize-winning artist Wendy Sharpe.  Batt-Rawden walked to a low white box, took off his robe, climbed onto the box, and struck a pose.  The quartet played, Robertson dripped, and Batt-Rawden stood starkers while Sharpe painted him onto the walls.  I can't tell you how weird this was.  Wonderful, and weird.” – Amanda Hooten,

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Naturist View


“Naturism makes you acutely aware of the environment.” – Kensunwalker
QUOTES 10/21/2017

“Croatia . . . has many places where a person can swim and sun without too much bother . . . Unlike, say, Barcelona, where there are no laws against public nudity and where you can occasionally see naked people walking in the city, Croatia is essentially a modest Roman Catholic country, and nudity is permitted – usually – only at designated places. . . Naturists seek places where the sea is warm, the sun is hot and the welcome is cordial – and these all seem to come together in Croatia . . . I have not visited Rab, or any of the other thirty or so official naturist resorts in Croatia, but on my very first visit to the splendid central Dalmatian city of Split was pleasantly surprised to find naturists sunning and swimming on the breakwater just out of the city itself, and have since found lots of lovely places to salute the sun.” -

“World Naked Bike Ride - Brighton 2015” (Video) -

“. . . the founder of Wicca, Gerald Gardner, was a what they called back then a naturalist, which means he enjoyed being in the nude as often as possible.  He incorporated nudity in his rites . . . ‘as a sign that you truly be free, you shall be naked in your rites’. . . skyclad rituals were meant to feel more natural and comfortable in the skins the Gods gave us.  Some believe that clothing interferes with the magic you are building up.  But also to remove any trace of rank, so that all present would be in the company of equals.” -

“You have not truly lived until you've practiced naturism outside in the sunshine.  So invigorating and yet so relaxing all at the same time.” -

“If someone had suggested to this shy, self-conscious young women from a strict Irish-Catholic family, that someday I would become a card-carrying nudist, I would have said, You are crazy!  I felt horrified to shower with other girls my age after PE class in Jr high.  Then I tried social nudity (at first, reluctantly) in my late 20’s and fell in love with the liberation of being clothes-free in a supportive and diverse community.  I have experienced much more staring at my ample breasts in the clothed world than I have ever experienced as a nudist woman.  Actually the men I meet at naturist events have overwhelmingly been respectful gentlemen and viewed me as a whole person and not as an object.  Plus, I met the love of my life at a nudist park!” – Patty,