Monday, August 21, 2017

Naturist View


“Skinny is the way to dip!” – Kensunwalker
QUOTES 8/21/2017

“I strived to have the perfect bikini body thinking that would make me happy, but it took too much time, too much energy, too much sacrifice.  I discovered on the road to working out that my body is not an ornament.  When you’re weighing food and counting parts of food, it’s such a deep obsession.  For me to have that perfect bikini body, it’s a struggle for my body.  We are under immense pressure from society to have the perfect bikini body, but that’s not life! . . . No matter who I spoke to; women from the Dominican Republic, France, Germany – the story was still the same: negative language about their body. . . women need a platform to feel empowered to pursue active change. . . you don’t have to be at war with your body!  You can embrace your body.” - Taryn Brumfitt,

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“Tom Brady and his supermodel wife, Gisele Bundchen, traveled to Italy . . . During the couple’s sojourn, the New England Patriots quarterback was spotted on a lounge chair completely naked, making him the latest celebrity to join the coven of men who sunbathes in the nude. . . Over the summer, Orlando Bloom was photographed paddleboarding and frolicking around Sardinia wearing absolutely nothing.  Around the same time, Justin Bieber went commando during a trip to Hawaii.” – Patricia Garcia,

“Welcome to L’Italo Americano, Italy’s first and only nudist restaurant that recently opened its doors near Milan.  The only rule is: in order to get in and taste divine food you must be totally naked. . . Clients are led to this undressing room where they leave all their belongings in separate drawers . . . Ladies are allowed to take a little clutch for their make-up and the guys a pouch for cash.  But that’s it.  At the entrance you’re handed a soft white cotton towel to sit on for hygienic purposes. . . After dinner the place turns into a nudist disco with live music featuring ‘70-80’s revivals and group dances. . . the unclad clients get down on the dance floor to burn the calories they’ve just piled on, shaking their lower and upper parts in utter freedom and without any kind of constraint. . . ‘I’ve been going to naturist shores my entire life but have never had the chance to have a meal totally undraped at a real restaurant, sitting normally on a chair at a table with my friends’ [Luigi Moroni] . . . ‘It makes me feel free.  Italy badly needed a restaurant like this one.’ . . . It’s a naturist restaurant where people share the pure philosophy and culture of nudism.” - Silvia Marchetti,

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Naturist View


“Don’t worry about other people knowing you are a naturist; be candid and sincerely honest.” – Kensunwalker
QUOTES 8/20/2017

“I thought about the relationship between nakedness and sexiness.  Perhaps because of my family, or perhaps because I have spent much of my adult life in and around the theatre, where people are never happier than when taking off their clothes, I have more or less separated nudity and sex.  I don’t automatically sexualize other people’s naked bodies, and I don’t feel that I’m behaving in a sexual way just by virtue of being naked.  If I suggest to my partner that we have a naked hula-hooping competition, that’s because I think it will be funny, not sexy.  If it were socially acceptable to propose naked hula-hooping competitions to all my friends, I would.” – Emer O’Toole,

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“Since my garden is in my back yard and fully screened off from outside view, I make no effort to keep spare clothes handy.  After all, the way I figure it, if you are in my garden you are either there with my permission or you are trespassing, and either way you have no grounds to complain at how I dress, or how I don't!” – oscarthegoldfish,

“. . . the Bible, is not only NOT anti-nudity, but that He looks with favor on those who are willing to shed their clothing disguises. . . prophets who prophesied naked (Saul, Isaiah, Micah), a king who danced naked before the Lord in the middle of Jerusalem (David), a high priest (Aaron) who was stripped naked in front of all of the children of Israel when he was consecrated and anointed, and the list goes on and on. . . in Leviticus and Deuteronomy . . . Public nudity wasn’t shameful.  It just meant that they were going about their normal daily business of life.  We are the ones who have made nudity shameful.” – Steve,

“. . . one of the things my wife has found most unexpected about being naked in front of others is that it is much less intimidating than in a normal environment where she might be wearing a bikini or swimming costume.  This surprised me, but she explained that when women are around a pool or at the beach in their swim suits they tend to look each other up and down, even if it's subconsciously and are almost 'grading' each other as their natural insecurities play out - there is an expectation to 'look good', from the type of bikini to how a woman's figure looks in it. . . she said that when you take the bathing costume away, like in nudist environments, nobody is like that, which she said was incredibly liberating.  Nobody looked at her body and made any judgements, she hasn't had any glances or catty looks and everyone acted kindly and caringly to each other. . . my wife has found being naked around others much more relaxing and less stressful than, for example, being at the local swimming pool in a bathing suit’” – Charenton-waltz,;topicseen