Monday, February 19, 2018

Naturist View


“Do your yard-work naked - mow your rear yard, trim trees and shrubs, and water plants.” – Kensunwalker

QUOTES 2/20/2018

“Nudity is a natural freedom that is commonly oppressed due to the fear of being insulted or the reaction of another being offended.  Do you feel it is wrong to walk around naked in spite of another person or to simply not care about whether or not that person would become uncomfortable or offended?  Whether or not you do, do you also feel that your reaction to their reaction may be helping or hindering the freedom of social nudity?” -

“4 L├ęgua Nudista Internacional da Praia do Meco” (Video) -

“The weather has improved enough to get back out to the desert. . . for a couple five mile hikes.  It is still nice being able to leave everything in my vehicle and strike out nude. . . I've been drawn to a kumeyaay area where I've finally spotted some petroglyphs.  There are a few desert flowers starting to bloom . . . I hiked out about 2-3 miles to a flat sandy area with a rock outcropping . . . I was again pondering the previous inhabitants and was looking at some rock carvings.  The day was much more pleasant than yesterday and I was enjoying the warm breeze leaning on my hiking pole. . . my eyes were drawn upward to spy a golden eagle riding the thermals above me.  I watched him in envy a few minutes and returned my attention to the hum which turned out to be a swarm of bees that were taking advantage of the early blossoms of the tall bush next to me. . . Even with the wind the temperature was not bad and since nude hiking opportunities are much appreciated by me I pressed on further into the desert. . . Much of the area is referred to as Badlands for it is desolate and the terrain appears harsh at times from a distance.  I think it is only when you walk amongst it that the beauty and thriving life is evident if you’re open to it and being naked your whole body is open.” - Jay

“A nudist friend and I decided that there was a couple that we know that would be keen to hang out naked with us some time.  She asked, and the two of them joked that they were puritans.  They weren’t offended though, so that’s something.  I won’t say it’s always good to ask, but asking isn’t a problem as often as one would think.” -

“To tell or not to tell.  That is the question.  The entire point of being a nudist is to be completely 100% comfortable with the body God gave us. . . Why should I live in fear?  Hiding it like it is something to be ashamed of. I have to wait until I know someone VERY well before I can let them know what I feel. . . living in the dark.  Not telling people where you are.  Perhaps not having your friends join you.  Is that really how a healthy person should be living?” –

Naturist View


“There is no harm in a nude body – only good.” – Kensunwalker

QUOTES 2/19/2018

“Growing up . . . I was obsessed with wearing a bra, solely because I hated the way my clothes — and maybe my body in general — looked without one. . . as I got older, you'd rarely catch me without a little something to give me a little something.  But then, in 2014, something changed . . . [Now] Bodysuits that show some side boob?  I'm down.  Dresses where even a strapless bra will stick out?  It's time to go au naturel.  I'll now take trips to the store, meet up with friends, and even spend date-night dinners without a bra, and it's a lifestyle/trend I've grown to love.  So if you're addicted to your bra like I was, dare yourself to ditch it for a day.  I promise, once you try it, you might just feel freer, more confident, and . . . a bit sexy, too.” – Samantha Sutton,

“Little Beach (nude beach) - Makena, Maui, Hawaii (Video) -

“Activist Daniel Johnson believes that labels and affiliations [like nudist or naturist] overly complicate a relatively simple phenomenon, alienate others from a fear of over-commitment or undesirable stereotypes, and thus get in the way of integrating nudity into everyday life.” -

“May 2, 2012, as I was walking naked down the road (except boots) to work on the tail around Shangri La, I realized how completely naturism has become natural for me.  I felt totally natural walking and working naked outdoors.  In fact, it took conscious thought to even realize I was naked.  Even the idea of working in clothes seemed totally insane.  Later I stopped to talk for about five minutes about the trail with a lady friend who was out walking her dog.  Afterwards, I realized how amazing it was for a naked guy to approach and talk with a naked woman in the dark of night without a care from either person.  I slept naked of course.  This morning I’m naked on the computer, and about ready to put on my socks and boots (that’s all) and head back to work on the trail for about five hours.  I love being naked.  Naked is so completely natural for me now.  Naked is how I live!  Naked is who I am!  Naked is great!  Nude is wonderful!” - Kenfreehiker

“Summer of '75 I had just moved to San Diego, and a work friend asked if I wanted to check out Black's Beach.  Once I dropped my suit, and jumped into the Pacific, that proverbial ‘lightbulb in my head’ clicked on and I thought, ‘this is so natural, this feels so good, this is so right, this is the way it's supposed to be’!  Jump ahead to the mid '90's, and after a few month's dating, I revealed my naturist beliefs to my future wife, and convinced her to give it a try at Elysium with me.  At the end of a wonderful day, she didn't want to get dressed and said ‘I can't believe I've never tried this before’.  We've never looked back since.” – SoCalNudist