Monday, June 26, 2017


“A very comfortable person feels good not wearing clothes.” - Kensunwalker
QUOTES 6/26/2017

“I always laugh when people say things like ‘the whole boob can be out flopping around’. . . statements like that are also part of the problem.  Like one other person said ‘You can't smoke on Church Street, but it's OK to swing your Dick around while you shop’.  The guy wasn't swinging his dick around and boobs don't flop around.  In fact, they both just tend to hang.” – Kevin Kalyncuck,

“AWESOME Bodypainting Day - Annual BodyPainting Day 2017 - July 2017 in Klagenfurt,” (Video) -

“There have been numerous studies finding that pornography is the main means by which children gain body-knowledge and it is inescapable that media regulation is part of the cause.  It has been much more effective at preventing children from seeing real bodies than it has at preventing them from seeing the unrepresentative products of the body exploitation industries.  Should children gain their knowledge of what people look like from glamour and pornography . . . Pornography is filling the vacuum left by absent or inadequate sex education. . . there is little or no evidence that pornography is actually harmful but little of it is good sex education. . . Young people will always find ways to access pornography . . .” -

“Being nude in front of someone such as a family member should be easy, but very often it is not.  We should be able to trust every family member with our bare and fully exposed selves because they love and respect us for who we are not by what we wear.” - Centauri4,

“Clothing conceals our strength. our muscles, our spirit, our grace, our determination.” -

“. . . spending your vacation with like-minded people who don’t wear anything is liberating.  It helps people understand that their bodies are wonderful and diverse with plenty of variety.  There is no ideal body unless it is the one you were born with.  There is no one there with an airbrush – everyone is simply who they are.” – Vicki Pinkerton,

Sunday, June 25, 2017

International Hike Naked Day

I was busy on International Hike Naked Day (6/21/2017), so had to be satisfied with hiking the Nature & Meditation Trail on my land.  I spent several hours walking naked (as I do most days – I need it).  In addition to signs for the types of vegetation and major religions, as a naturist I have included many signs with nature- related quotes.  Here are a few:

“Over the years, people have lost most of their connection with nature.  One would be surprised how many children only know forests or natural lakes from TV, they’ve never seen it with their own eyes.  We need to get back to nature, we need to remember the smell of nature, we need to feel nature, we need to see nature.  Instead of watching that soap opera every day, we should make it a habit to spend at least a little bit of time every day in a green environment.  To touch nature, with our hands, our feet, our whole body.  We need to learn to love nature again.” - Travelblog

“Nature should be a fundamental part of democracy; it’s a human right and a necessity.” – Florence Williams

“I simply allow myself to be in and with nature.  There I am connected even as I am shattered.  I have peace even with the madness within.  And even as I feel lost, here I am home.” - Hontouniheart

“In every walk with nature, one receives more than he seeks.” - John Muir

“I'd forgotten I once noticed the seasons, the calling of birds, the smell of sap on the air.  Finding that person again has been one of the most intense and comforting experiences of my life.” - Julie Myerson

“I go out in nature to recharge my batteries, to renew my soul, and to scrub off the layers of crud that living in civilization puts on me.” - Al

“The important thing is to experience the moment, the right now as it is.  Just be aware of the breathing, the air, the sun, the movement, no judgment, just the gift.  Then the mind is just there.  It is getting in the way most of the time.” - Jbee Goode

“Mother Nature is naked in all her glory.  Man covers her up with concrete and destroys her natural beauty.  We seek the places where she is the most untouched for there she is the most beautiful.”

“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.” – Vincent Van Gogh

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” - Albert Einstein

Everyone is welcome to visit our natural trail in Dewey, AZ.


“I love the bliss of laying naked in the sun in golden silence!” - Kensunwalker
QUOTES 6/25/2017

“In July of 2008, the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) coordinated the world’s largest skinny dipping event at multiple venues, getting the bathing suits off of 13,674 people, and their buns into the pools of 103 resorts around the country.” – Pat M.,

“Ripped and Stripped Making of the 2017 Calendar” (Video) -

“Go Topless Day, a movement started in 2007 and first observed a year later, is now international.  This year’s Go Topless Day on August 28 [2016] includes events in at least 57 cities all around the world.  Go Topless Day events are scheduled for cities in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., South Korea, France, Italy, The Philippines and more. Women and men will gather to support a woman’s right to go topless just like men.  The event is always scheduled for the Sunday closest to August 26, which is officially Women’s Equality Day in the U.S.  That day marks the anniversary of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, which granted women the right to vote.” -

“As nudists say, you were born naked!  That’s the natural state, and clothing can be seen as the unnatural state.  Out of the whole animal kingdom, we’re the only ones that put on pieces of fabric in public even when it’s a pointless, uncomfortable hindrance.” – Felicity Jones,

“When you become a nudist you will make a brand new set of friends from all walks of life.” – Rupa,

“We are fortunate people!  We discovered naturism at a young age, and now we are empty-nesters with enough discretionary income to explore the planet in the best possible way – naked. . . when we go on vacation . . . we’ll travel as lightly as possible. . . [We have had] the luxury to embark on a naturist trek beginning in Spain, and ending up three months later in Greece. . . we have visited naturist places in South Africa, Asia, and Brazil.  (Australia is next!  So much naked – so little time.)  Almost without fail, we find that our search for a great naturist place pulls us off the beaten-down tourist path, and deeper into the local culture where everything seems a bit more real.  Or dare I say, genuinely naked!” -,

Saturday, June 24, 2017


“Naturism is a lifestyle that is worthy of respect.” - Kensunwalker
QUOTES 6/24/2017

“And I’m here to say that even though I’ve been a nudist for decades, erections do happen.  We are not eunuchs.  When I get an erection I don’t flaunt it, but I don’t hide it either.  My body is not shameful.  I will not go running for a towel or into the water.  I just continue reading my book or having a conversation, maybe positioning myself a little more modestly, and it will go away on its own. . . once guys have ‘permission’ to get hard it’s probably far less likely to happen as they won’t be thinking ‘Don’t get an erection!’ . . . which of course leads to just that. . . guys might be willing to try nudism if they’re not so damned worried about something that really doesn’t happen much, but DOES happen.  I don’t know why so many nudists are afraid to admit as much.  I think it just scares normal guys away from a lifestyle which is about accepting your body, not freaking out about its natural functions. . . It’d be a damned shame to never experience the freedom this way of living offers just because you’re afraid of something your body does.” -

“The Brighton 2016 Naked Bike Ride part 2” (video) -

“Try naturism, it’s good for you.  You’ll love it!” -

“. . . in the debate between the terms ‘nudist’ and ‘naturist’, we need to use our terms precisely and accurately . . . ‘naturist’ should be the preferred term.  Both terms carry a mindset and by using either one, you agree with the mindset of the term.  ‘Nudist’ carries a negative connotation of a person who joins a colony who lives without clothes.  A naturist, on the other hand, believes that clothes-free places have a purpose; that good, social nudity is to be so commonplace that there is no need for any location to be specifically dedicated as a naturist or clothes-free area, simply because the mindset behind the purpose for clothing needs to change.  We (as naturists) should be working to make the whole world clothes-free just as Christians are commanded to make disciples of all nations; however, we should not give up the habit of meeting together at public clothes-free venues for they show how far we’ve come. . . If we want the whole world to at least be exposed to freedom, we must not only congregate amongst ourselves in resorts, at conventions and on nude social networking sites.  We must go out to the legislatures of various states, exercise our freedom where it is legal and mix with others.  We not only have the freedom to be naturists, but also the responsibility to defend our beliefs. . . One day, hopefully soon, clothed minded people will realize that the clothing made by man is not better than the clothing given by God.” – Jordan Blum,