Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Naturist View


“Seeing others naked makes naked common and less offensive to the public.” – Kensunwalker
QUOTES 12/13/2017

“I don’t wanna see other people naked, I wanna be naked.  I wanna be completely immersed in the elements without the burden of a wet, cold, clingy swimsuit.  I don’t want any barriers between me, the surf, the sand and the sun.  I just wanna commune with Mama Nature in the only way that makes sense to me. . . While camping at a local provincial park, I’d sometimes swim out into deep water, whip off my swim trunks, bob around for a little bit, and then put my shorts back on before heading back to shore.  Silently I wanted nothing more than to wade out of the water naked and stroll along the beach in comfort, all the while working on my all-over George Hamilton-style tan.” - –Wayne Brake, Young Naturists & Nudists America,

“The 2017 Manchester Naked Bike Ride sets off” (Video) –

“After reaching a healthy level of exhaustion gardening nude one evening, we drove down to the clubhouse, took a shower, and joined a small group of people in the spa – ah, how warm water relaxes sore muscles.  Over time the spa filled with 25 people.  Three older children (9 and 10) joined us.  They were received naturally without comment and were very well behaved.  They enjoyed running from the spa to the (cold) pool where they jumped high into the air and landed with a splash – no swimming suits and no anxiousness about enjoying the water naked with several dozen adults.” - Kenfreehiker

[I] “. . . started the naked weekend. . . The campfire smoke went almost perfectly straight up and temps in the upper 80s all three days with cool-ish nights very suitable to stay naked by the warmth of the fire. . . After setting up camp and having dinner we watched the best ‘television’ in the world as it burned for hours.  Saturday . . . was the most relaxing and enjoyable day . . . Dee made us breakfast and then we both just laid around naked for about two hours reading and talking before heading out for a couple hours hiking. . . poking down some abandoned trails and a few game trails (without a backpack) made it one of the most enjoyable naked hikes I’ve ever taken. . . Sunday morning we took our time breaking camp and then drove to another similar batch of trails.  Dee was more interested in reading so she hung out at the truck while I headed out for a few miles on a nearly concealed trail. . . So 48+ hours after I pulled out of the driveway naked I put my shorts back on about 5 minutes from the house on the drive home.  With the exception of that pair of shorts, I had no dirty clothes for the entire weekend – not even a pair of socks. – John

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Naturist View


“Sleeping naked is one of the greatest joys of being a naturist.” – Kensunwalker
QUOTES 12/12/2017

“I feel and see that everyone’s view on nudism tends to vary. . . I have found that, for many, nudism is their entire life, which is perfectly fine in my eyes.  For myself I am a nudist, meaning nude is the way I choose to live my life.  I accept all that choose the lifestyle in my home, or [on a] ship for that matter.  Apart from my lifestyle, my life accompanies many other aspects.  I am a Christian, Coastie, fisherman, a girlfriend, daughter and sister.  Together these things make me, not nudism.  Like I said before, nudism is my way of life, but is not my life. . . I shall practice nudism, I shall raise my family the same way, but I will not have nudism cloud or change any beliefs that I may have on social decorum, faith, political views, so on and so forth. . . I’ll restate, for those of you who have made nudism, promoting nudism, and fighting for nudist rights, that you have my utmost respect.  Without you, nudism would not be what it is today and I hope that your fight continues to provide advancement/acceptance of our lifestyle.” – CaptainTaylor, From Tom Pine’s Special Report, file:///C:/Users/Owner/Downloads/The%20Naked%20Truth%20Naturists_vol_16_Special%20Report_no_03.pdf

“World Naked Bike Ride Amsterdam 2015” (Video) -

“. . . our grandkids . . . visit us.  Even though they understand and accept our lifestyle, they don't live as we do but do occasionally skinny dip together . . . Our girls are what we'd call, vacation nudists.  They'll partake if they are on vacation and a resort offers a clothing optional beach . . . They'll visit a nude resort for the day and they may even stay at a nude resort but for them, it's not a top priority.  With us, it's the priority in most cases.  When we vacation . . . nudist places are always on our radar and part, if not all, of our vacation plans.  For them, nudism isn't included in any of their vacations unless it's spontaneous and they've got extra time.  We always make time!  Our girls always call first before coming over.  They know that their mother and I are always naked and they always give us a 10 min heads up before they arrive. . . It's our way of life, not theirs and that's okay with us.  All we ever asked for was respect and understanding and after our family vacation to the nude beach resort in the Caribbean, they get it!” – FireProf,

“You don’t have to be young to let mother earth play with your skin.” –

“A fall in the body’s core temperature is needed in order to fall asleep, which is more easily achieved if you’re naked, a study found.  The Dutch research also revealed those who sleep in the buff get a better quality of sleep.” – Clair O’Reilly,